Assignment Title:  Skills Gap Assessment for Jamaica. 

 The Consulting Services (“the Services”) 

 At the onset of the COVID-19 in March 2020, the Jamaican economy saw many businesses pivoting, especially towards digitization, which resulted in the rapid demand for particular skillsets to support the new norm of e-commerce, online customer service and technology-based productivity tools to support work-from-home models. The rapid demand highlighted deficits or skill gaps necessary to advance the local economy and support recovery and growth. Many firms define success as successful digital transformation, and for many, short-term solutions were found in recruiting overseas labour. The low rate of local companies pivoting to platform-based digital models will have an impact on recovery, necessitating the development of short-term and long-term strategies. As a result, the PSOJ finds it necessary to undertake this research to identify key issues and to promote investment in relevant competencies/skills to increase productivity and competitiveness today and for the future. 

 The objective of this assignment is to develop a National Skills Gap Assessment for Jamaica, which should clearly outline current and projected five (5) to ten (10) years demand for skills, mapped to supply, and to make recommendations for new programme offerings by local tertiary institutions to fill demand. The assignment should also undertake a review of the International Labour Organization (ILO) occupational categories to identify the existing gaps as well as the National Quality Framework to undertake a skills inventory to determine alignment with the needs of industry.  


The following are the key objectives of the Skills Gap Assessment: 

  1. To identify the skills gap for the internationally competitive industries or priority sectors identified by Vision 2030, as well as any emerging sectors with growth potential for Jamaica in the next five to ten years.  The internationally competitive industries are listed below: 
  1. Agriculture  
  1. Manufacturing  
  1. Mining and Quarrying  
  1. Construction  
  1. Creative Industries  
  1. Sport  
  1. Information and Communications Technology (ICT)  
  1. Services  
  1. Tourism 
  1. To map the programmes currently being offered by local tertiary institutions against the requirements of the internationally competitive industry, and to identify any existing skills gaps. 
  1. To conduct skills gap assessment for key skills necessary to advance the local economy based on medium-term economic projections.  
  1. To prioritize growth sectors and undertake skills needs assessment for current and future competencies that will be required , and make recommendations for programmes or courses that need to be implemented to meet future skills demand. 
  1. To make recommendations for the development of a user-friendly database or methods for robust data collection for ongoing systematic skills gap measurement, and to make recommendations to sustain this data collection.  

The anticipated duration of the assignment is six (6) months. 


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