This committee was established in 2001 ‘with a mission to become the key influencer in the delivery and adoption of corporate governance best business practices by providing access to knowledge and learning resources for our members and leaders of business enterprises so they can effectively compete in the global market.

The work of the EPC is to inform government policy on matters affecting economic development and inclusive growth of the private sector.

The committee will also provide ongoing economic analysis, opinions on methodologies and draft formulations for policy recommendations, and on structural policies that seek to improve the country’s growth potential.

This Committee focuses on energy efficiency and cost competitiveness, sustainable development and climate resilience.

The Membership Committee seeks to enhance membership value proposition as well as to ensure membership retention and engagement.

The National Security & Justice Committee, through public- private sector partnership, supports the development of crime reduction strategies, justice reform and public safety and order.

The Human Capital Development Committee seeks to research, advocate for and implement initiatives related to human capital matters, including but not limited to advocacy for workforce development, labor law reform, child protection and development issues, disability, and gender affairs.

The Innovation and Digital Transformation Committee comprises representatives and thought leaders from several sectors. The goal of this committee is to focus on current and emerging digital practices that can increase efficiency and productivity in the Public and Private Sector.

The PSOJ Listed Companies Committee handles companies’ public reporting requirements, addresses issues of form and content, frequency, timeliness, and reporting mechanisms related to public reporting and addresses issues of common concern to companies for The PSOJ to lobby on behalf of (e.g. potential tax issues relative to share buybacks).

Camille Facey

Corporate Governance:
Interim Chair
Mrs Camille Facey

Yaneek Page

Ms Yaneek Page

Chris Reckord

Innovation and Digital Transformation:
Mr Christopher Reckord


For Human Capital Development (Co-Chair):
Mrs Mariame McIntosh Robinson


For Human Capital Development (Co-Chair):
Mrs Maya Johnston


Energy, Environment and Climate Change:
Mrs Eleanor Jones

Parris Lyew-Ayee

Energy, Environment and Climate Change:
Dr Parris Lyew-Aye Jr

Adrian Stokes

Economic Policy Committee(Co-Chair):
Dr Adrian Stokes

Richard Pandohie

Economic Policy Committee(Co-Chair):
Mr Richard Pandohie

George Overton

National Security & Justice:
Lt. Commander George Overton

How to Join:

You can contact us via email at or use the form below.