The Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) is being increasingly called upon to address private sector issues relating to energy, environment and climate change in light of the critical impact on competitiveness. PSOJ Energy, Environment and Climate Change Committee would undertake initiatives of value to members and the wider business community in these areas. Some of these initiatives would involve an assessment of the policy framework for energy and environmental management as it relates to the private sector, as well as establishing current practices at the firm level, with a view to developing action plans and recommendations for the way forward for the private and public sectors.

The membership base of the PSOJ spans the agro-processing, manufacturing, energy and tourism sectors. These sectors are facing increasing challenges from rising energy costs and environmental impacts which threaten their sustainability and international competitiveness. Additionally, trade and investment agreements with major trading partners increasingly require improved environmental practices in response to the threats posed by global climate change. Hence, there is a clear business need to improve energy and environmental management in these sectors.

However, there is currently a lack of awareness of financing mechanisms which would allow businesses to improve energy efficiency, environmental impacts and climate resilience at reasonable costs. The Committee, as part of its mandate, would undertake awareness building of existing and available funds from local, regional and multilateral institutions which could be accessed by the private sector in this regard.

In a recent survey done among PSOJ members, there was unanimous agreement that the current energy policy did not fully address the needs of the private sector for cheaper and reliable energy supply. The Committee would seek to strengthen and facilitate the private/public sector dialogue on these issues.

Lastly, the Energy, Environment and Climate Change Committee would seek to promote business opportunities in energy and environmental management for member organizations and contribute to the formulation of national, regional environmental and energy policies and legislative frameworks.


Mrs. Makeba Bennett-Easy – PSOJ

Ms. Eleanor Jones (Chairman) – Environmental Solutions Ltd

Mr. William Mahfood – Wisynco Group

Ms. Ava Tomblin – BMR Energy

Mr. Nigel Davy – CaribJam Partners

Mr. David Barrett – Enbar Consulting

Mr. Steven Marston – CAC 2000 Limited

Mr. Krishna Desai – Myers Fletcher & Gordon

Mr. John Carberry – Jamaica Broilers Group

Mr. David Pijuan Mota – Sofos Jamaica Limited

Mr. Kwame Hall – Solease Limited

Mr. Mauricio Pulido – GB Energy

Mr. Alain Carreau – Rubis Energy Jamaica

Ms. Suzanne Shaw – Caribbean Trans-carbon international

Ms. Karoline Smith – Sol Petroleum

Mr. Jason Burgher – Marathon Insurance Brokers Limited

Mr Masao Ashtine – University of the West Indies

Mr Emanuel Darosa – JPS /

Ms. Kamille Jackson – Engineer (Individual Member)