Mr. Keith Duncan, Group Chief Executive Officer, The JMMB Group, was today elected the 20th President of the PSOJ at a Council meeting held at the PSOJ’s offices on Hope Road. Duncan succeeds Howard Mitchell who demitted the position after serving for two terms, 2017-2019.

Joining Duncan are Vice Presidents: Jackie Sharpe, Jeffrey Hall and Mariame Robinson, and Treasurer Vikram Dhiman.

Duncan, who has served as Vice President of PSOJ, shared that he is looking forward to this new role as he believes that Jamaica is at a critical juncture in its economic history where the current domestic economic environment is favourable and creates real opportunities for the benefit of all Jamaicans.

Duncan stated “The PSOJ will play a leadership, collaborative and facilitatory role in engaging stakeholders under the umbrella of the PSOJ, the State and Civil Society in being a catalyst for Jamaica achieving its social and development objectives under Vision 2030.”

The thrust going forward is to build on the platform laid to date by the PSOJ that have focused on addressing issues of SME growth, access to finance, and safety and security.

Duncan stated that “The modus operandi will be continued advocacy with a special emphasis on engagement, consultation and collaboration on strategic initiatives which can have a meaningful impact on the Private Sector – from Micro businesses to large Corporates, which will contribute to inclusive growth for all Jamaicans”.

The strategic areas include:

  1. Growth: collaborating with the private and public sectors to continue to identify key enablers of economic growth. Among others, PSOJ will continue its efforts to (i) address how best to expand access to finance for SMEs; (ii) promote the need for increased domestic investments and, (iii) support the thrust for a transformed public sector.


  1. Human Capital Development: advancing the conversation on adequately preparing Jamaica’s labour force, in particular Jamaica’s youth, for the new economic realities of a changing global economic landscape.


  1. Crime and Governance/Corruption: partnering with various stakeholders in the public sector and in civil society to support efforts to create a safe society, and to promote a culture of transparency and accountability.


  1. Sustainable Environment: working with the responsible bodies to advance an agenda which balances growth and development efforts with preserving Jamaica’s environment and natural resources for the future.


  1. Innovation and Digital Transformation: supporting efforts that promote digital practices that can increase efficiency, innovation and productivity in the public and private sectors.


  1. Increasing Engagement of Membership: the PSOJ will ensure that it remains relevant to the needs of its membership and will build on its existing programmes to ensure there is engagement from all membership, individuals, micro, small, medium and large businesses and the Organisations which fall under the umbrella of the PSOJ.


  1. Youth Engagement: the PSOJ will engage youth, young professionals, entrepreneurs and university students to advance the work of the PSOJ at all levels.

“We, the Officers, recognize that the mandate we have given ourselves as Officers and Management is ambitious but we have every intention on capitalising on this favourable environment and having a positive impact on Jamaica’s economic landscape,” noted Duncan.