Organisation Urges Transparent and Thorough Investigation of Viral Video Incident

The Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) is an ardent advocate for the eradication of gender based violence and as such the Organisation took a keen interest in a recent viral video that captured one such act of violence. Allegations in the public domain that the attacker in the video is a Member of Parliament (MP) are particularly disturbing as the person conducted himself in a manner unbecoming for any man, let alone an elected leader.

In light of the ongoing public outcry for a response from the Government, the Organisation notes the steps taken by the Jamaica Labour Party to have the embattled MP removed from the Government Caucus. Notwithstanding, this action of the party, we urge the MP concerned, either himself or through his attorney, to publicly confirm or publicly deny these allegations. Similarly, we also call on the other party seen in the viral video, or any witness to the acts captured in the video, to provide statements to help to resolve the matter.

We implore the Commissioner of Police and the Jamaica Constabulary Force to conduct a thorough and transparent investigation to ensure justice is served while ensuring the protection of the other party involved in the matter. Once due process is complete, we urge that the necessary punitive action be taken against the perpetrator.

This matter cannot be allowed to be swept under the carpet. Our women and vulnerable population must be reassured that there is a collective abhorrence of violence in all forms and that we are genuine in our efforts to rid our nation of this social ill. Our political leaders must also use this opportunity to demonstrate unequivocal resolve to eliminate violence. We also remind our political directorate that their role as leaders is not limited to governance but also to be the moral compass for our society and to inspire behaviour change and a cultural mindset, especially among our men in order to reduce and prevent these incidences of violence against women.

We reiterate to all Jamaicans that it will take an all hands on deck approach to cultivate an environment where proper communication and mediation is utilized for conflict resolution rather than resorting to violence and physical abuse. Together we must all utilize our positions and places of work and influence to catalyse this change.
– END –