The Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) has observed with concern a recent video circulated in the media showcasing children painting sidewalks in the Prime Minister’s constituency of West Central St. Andrew, adorned in colours symbolising political affiliation.

It is the firm stance of the PSOJ that our children, as some of the most vulnerable members of society, deserve complete protection from any forms of exploitation, including those that resemble child labour or place them in potentially compromising scenarios. The involvement of young, impressionable minds in evidently politically charged activities undermines their innocence and reflects poorly on our societal values.

The PSOJ is particularly concerned by the evident political divisiveness that this act could foster. This unfortunate event underscores the urgent need for our leaders to rise above partisanship and engage in practices that promote national unity and social cohesion. The PSOJ reiterates its call for all political leaders and affiliates to avoid inciting disharmony and discord within our society.

The PSOJ stands firm in advocating for leadership that embodies values of unity, decency, and goodwill. These principles are non-negotiable and fundamental to the fabric of a progressive and harmonious society.

Furthermore, the PSOJ seizes this moment to re-emphasise the crucial need to reinstate the Political Ombudsman, equipped with the authority to implement disciplinary measures against actions that contradict the political code of conduct. The role of such an office is critical in maintaining the integrity of our political processes and ensuring that all actions by political entities align with the ethical standards expected by the Jamaican people.

The PSOJ remains committed to working tirelessly towards a better economic and social environment for all Jamaicans and will continue to be a vocal advocate for practices that strengthen our democracy and uphold the highest standards of conduct.