Kingston, Jamaica:

The Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ) is deeply disturbed at the violent crimes being committed against the nation’s children.

Renee Morrison-May, Chairperson  of the PSOJ Gender And Disability Affairs Committee in expressing her concern said “The crime statistics are a cause for grave concern in every well thinking Jamaican. Since the start of 2019 fifteen children have been murdered. In less than a month, we heard reports of little 8 year old Shante Skyers who was raped and murdered, the mutilated body of 17 year old Stefika Smith was found and 15 year old Jevaughn Morris who was shot and killed in Bull Bay.  Our Jamaican mothers and indeed all Jamaicans must play a part in removing the scourge of violence and crime against young people by reporting all criminal incidents to the ‘Violence Against Children Reward Fund’ or to the police.

PSOJ CEO, Makeba Bennett-Easy added her voice to the call for action. “We’re being inundated daily with reports of missing children too many of whom are then found murdered. This is a disturbing trend that should stir passion for immediate action and justice in not only the authorities but in ordinary citizens. We cannot wait until it is at our doorstep before we act.”

The President of the PSOJ Mr Howard Mitchell shared their sentiments, “This cannot continue – we need to make sure these children’s deaths do not go unsolved and that this monstrous trend is corrected.”

In November 2016 the PSOJ launched a “Violence against Children Reward Fund”, which is administered by Crime Stop. It rewards people who assist in the arrest and charge of anyone

who has committed violent acts against children, including teenagers up to the age of 18 years. Violent acts against children, in this capacity, include, murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, molestation, carnal abuse or child abuse. Information can be given anonymously to Crime Stop by dialling 311 or 1-888-991-4000.




Contact:     Ms. Chloleen Daley-Muschett


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