September 7, 2016

 Kingston, Jamaica:

The Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) met yesterday, Tuesday, September 6, to discuss the current issue surrounding Campaign Financing, as it relates specifically to the allegations within the PNP.

The following outcomes were supported:

1.     The PSOJ is concerned that although the Amendments to the Representation of People’s Act Providing for Party Registration and Campaign Finance Regulation was passed from early 2016, the gazetting and finalization of the regulations are still outstanding. This is unacceptable for any democracy that is serious about transparency in our political process, and urges the government to make this a priority and ensure the timely implementation of the amendments. The PSOJ is calling on the government to publicly provide a timetable for these amendments to be effected.

2.     The PSOJ supports the investigation initiated by the Office of the Contractor General (OCG), and calls for a speedy conclusion to these investigations, and that whatever is necessary should be done to bring credibility and transparency to the campaign finance process.

3.     The PSOJ is currently discussing with members the possibility of withholding any contributions to the political parties, until these amendments are in place.


Contact:     Ms. Kareen Cox, Marketing & Public Relations Manager 


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